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Alicante is perhaps one of the most popular cities in Spain among the foreigners. It is quite large by local standards (330 thousand inhabitants), which determines the presence of a developed public, transport and social infrastructure. At the same time, this city is very quiet and comfortable, which distinguishes it from such megacities as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia.

Alicante is located in the coastal resort strip, called the Costa Blanca (“White Beach”). Thanks to the vast white beaches, a lot of clear days, and the warm sea, the city in recent decades has become one of the leading tourist centers not only in Spain, but throughout the European Mediterranean.


The city was founded in the 4th century BC, and has a rich history, full of architectural monuments and museums. Colorful medieval streets here are adjacent to ultra-modern buildings, so that even the most sophisticated buyer will be able to choose an apartment in Alicante to his taste. Alicante is one of the fastest growing cities in Spain, which also means a large number of jobs in various fields of economy and business.Alicante is perfect for investing in real estate both for yourself and for income from rental.


In 2019, more than half of all local home purchases came from foreigners. Among them are Russian-speaking tourists. Real estate in Alicante is inexpensive, compared with housing prices in the northern part of the Spanish coast. So, for example, a three-room apartment in secondary housing closer to the center will cost from 60 thousand euros, and an apartment with panoramic sea views in a closed residence from 120 thousand euros. People who want privacy and increased comfort will like apartments in new buildings in prestigious areas close to the sea. But such real estate in Alicante at prices will be slightly above 150 thousand euros.


On average, the price per square meter of housing sold in the secondary market in the prestigious area of ​​Alicante is 2300 euros per square meter.

In prosperous areas with typical multi-apartment buildings, well-developed infrastructure and sufficient proximity to the beach, the price is about 1550 euros per square meter. Apartment near the Costa Blanca with an area of ​​75 to 80 square meters. m will cost about 100 110 thousand euros. A large apartment, in 95 100 square meters. m, but located in the suburbs at a distance from the coast, will be able to get already half the price – for 55 60 thousand. Apartments with an area of ​​100 squares, with direct access to the coast, will cost several times more – up to 600 thousand euros.

Prices for villas in a green suburb, at a distance of 15 – 20 km from the center of Alicante, will start from 1 million euros.All areas of Alicante differ in both the national composition of the inhabitants and the architecture, types of objects, and infrastructure. And when choosing a potential place of residence or vacation, you should be quite attentive to the area, since there is a possibility of falling into a dysfunctional environment. When choosing a property in this Mediterranean city, one should take into account the fact that the more expensive it is, the more profitable it is for investing. The same can apply for leasing such liquid real estate.


The areas of Cabo de las Huertas, Playa de San Juan, Albufereta, which are in demand for life and investment, however, quite decent housing exists in other areas.


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