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Ibiza is one of the most fashionable Spanish resorts, a wonderful island that is located in the Mediterranean Sea, where millions of people annually come for round-the-clock fun, sea, freedom, sun.

What is the island so attractive for?

In Ibiza the sun shines 300 days a year and 10 hours a day.

The sea in ​​Ibiza is very clean and transparent, and its color is turquoise.

There are a lot of pine groves on the vast territory of the archipelago.

Ibiza – Paradise for lovers of nature, adventure and pirate games.


The coastal fortress, which is located in Ibiza Town – Dalt Vila Wall, is perfectly preserved. The walls of the fortress, with its many turrets visible on the tops of the cliffs, were erected with the aim of fighting the Berber pirates.This historical attraction in 1999 received the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you will feel like Jack Sparrow and you will get unforgettable impressions and photographs in memory of your vacation.In the west of Ibiza there is a Rock going into the sea, her name is Es Vedra, it was from her that Odysseus listened to the singing of sirens.


This is all a story, you might say.But what is the peculiarity and attractiveness of Ibiza today? Why is this island a whole culture of club music and life?One of the important points of the state program of the island’s authorities is the development of the club subculture and the promotion of Ibiza, as the capital of modern electronic music.The Guinness Book of Records claims that the largest club in the world has become Privilege, located in Ibiza.


Ibiza’s most famous DJ was Frankie Ould, who had lost his hearing due to the costs of the profession.In Ibiza, people traditionally dress in all white, because this color is the color of the island. So keep it mind when choosing your wardrobe. You can talk about the charms, features and beauty of Ibiza for a long time. But this island of Spain is better to see once than to hear or read about it a thousand times.

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