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Ibizc real estate

Ibica is popular among the most of the world’s elite: artists, movie and music stars, top DJs, models, millionaires, journalists, politicians and businessmen. On a small island, there is everything to deliver to all tastes of vacationers: well-maintained and wild beaches, hotels of various categories, luxury villas, campsites, tennis courts and golf courses, night clubs, bars, restaurants, boutiques and hippy markets, an ancient fortress, narrow paved streets, wonderful landscapes, fantastic nature, pines, cacti and palm trees. The quality of life in Ibica is undeniably better than in most of Spain.   Real estate in Ibica is not only a dream house on an island with the azure sea and magnificent nature, but also an extremely profitable investment. Property prices on the island are constantly growing, because the territory is very limited for development, and the demand of foreigners for houses in the “club capital of the world” is stably high. Apartments, houses and especially villas in Ibica are in great demand by holidaymakers. Tourists will always come and relax on this delightful island in Spain will always be a prestigious trend, and therefore letting a property out will be guaranteed to bring a steady income, gradually covering the cost of the purchase.   Real estate in Ibiza can be selected for every taste and budget: from small studio apartments next to the cosmopolitan bustle of the main cities to expensive villas. In recent years, Ibica real estate has shown annual capital growth of 15 to 40%, which makes it extremely attractive for investment.So, a small traditional-style house with small windows and a low doorway costs in Ibica from $ 100,000 to $ 550,000. Since this type of property is extremely popular among foreign buyers, local agencies now offer a variety of types of these colorful buildings made of hand-carved stone. Villas, mainly with pools and other attributes of luxury, began to appear on the island only in the last 20 years. Their cost reaches 100,000,000 pesetas ($ 685,000) and higher.To build a house yourself, you need to purchase a plot the size of which would comply with local building codes. Near settlements there is enough land with an area of ​​about 10 acres to get permission. In rural areas and on highlands, the requirements are more stringent – you will need to buy more land. The price of island soil varies greatly.   When buying a large lot, it can be $ 0.7 per square meter, and sometimes on the coast and in cities it reaches $ 70 per square meter. For example, 3.7 hectares of secluded island land in Ibiza with access to the sea can now be purchased for $ 250,000. Over the past few years, demand for land rental, development, and finished property in Ibiza has skyrocketed. The coast of the island is strewn with snow-white yachts, and on the hills flaunted or hidden from the prying eyes of a villa of persons of world magnitude.

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