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Real Estate in Cullera

Cullera city, located by the sea, is famous for its fabulous beaches, with 1.5km of white sand and crystal clear water, perfect mild climate, orange groves and vineyards. At the same time, the historical center is perfectly supported by modern amenities for many tourists who come here throughout the year. In the holiday season, a lot of tourists rest here, but in the remaining months life here does not freeze, so many people consider Cullera a suitable city for permanent residence.


Its location near Valencia allows residents to go there for work and live in a quiet place. The region is ideal for those who have small children – it is not so noisy here, the environment is much better and life itself is cheaper than in big cities. Real estate prices in Cullera are more affordable compared to other regions, which is probably why real estate in Cullera is in high demand among foreigners.



By purchasing real estate here you can be sure that it will be in demand for rent in the summer and in the winter season with an approximate income of 4-5% per annum. Many residents of northern Europe and other regions come here to winter, so buying a property in Cullera is beneficial not only in terms of owning housing for your own vacation, but also receiving rental income.Apartments and houses in Cullera are popular both among lovers of family vacations, and among young and active people. The cost of real estate starts from 70,000 euros per studio in the secondary market, and for 200,000 euros you can buy a spacious townhouse in a new building. The main part of the houses is located on the slopes of Mount Rabales. You will not find new buildings in the city, all buildings were built in the 20th century, and during the crisis years no construction was carried out. Among the proposals you can find terrible pimped at a price of 500 euros per 1 sq. meter located 3-4 km from the coast. Exactly the same houses, but located by the sea, will cost three times more expensive.

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