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Real estate in Palma de Mallorka

Palma de Mallorca is one of the most expensive cities in Spain. Representatives of the royal family, the elite of the world of show business and politics love to relax here.

The main advantage of this island, which may interesting for tourists and real estate buyers, is the stability of the real estate market. Housing here is always in demand among foreign buyers: British, Germans, Belgians, French, and others. Investors from the UK prefer the north-east coast, where there are both large open spaces of the beach, chosen by surfers, and bays with beautiful sandy beaches and closed from the winds excellent infrastructure.


Buyers of real estate from Germany, Switzerland, Austria more often choose the east coast of Mallorca, where the infrastructure is debugged under the German-speaking public. For Russian buyers, the southwest, “beach” and most tourist parts of Mallorca are traditionally in greatest demand. However, connoisseurs of solitude, magnificent landscapes, authentic atmosphere and the neighborhood of the chosen society are increasingly turning their eyes to the mountainous regions of Mallorca – its western or northern parts.Popular among buyers are apartments, apartments, luxury villas.


Real estate prices are quite high: in historic buildings, apartments cost from € 250,000 and have high ceilings; Sea view villas have a price tag of € 750,000 and higher. On average, the price of a 3-4 room apartment or apartment with a terrace and magnificent sea views is about 400-600 thousand euros. There are many houses and apartments, the cost of which exceeds several million euros. Housing prices are high and the closer to the sea and the center, the more expensive. For example, the average price per square meter of housing is about 3,500 euros. But you can always find housing, where the price per square meter will be only 1000-2000 euros.


The quality of housing is very high: there are not only excellent repairs, wonderful views from the window, but also everything you need for a comfortable life and safety (intercom, laundry, parking, security).It is always warm, beautiful and fun here, and buying a home in this city is a great investment and the right investment in the future. Rent an apartment during the tourist season is not difficult.


Recently, real estate in Mallorca has become popular among families who want to change their lifestyle and settle on the island forever. Majorca has been developing as a resort and resident destination for more than a decade, the infrastructure has already been created, debugged and, what is important, it works year-round.

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