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This is a truly unique island that can surprise and delight even the most sophisticated and many tourists who have seen it already.


Start your holiday with a visit to the mystical sights of Tenerife.

On the island you can contemplate a unique natural phenomenon – black sand beaches thanks to the Teide volcano, which many centuries ago, after the eruption, painted white sands black.

Today, Teide is a good place to watch the stars. At its peak, you can see as many as 83 of all 88 recognized constellations.


Today, Teide is a good place to watch the stars. At its peak, you can see as many as 83 of all 88 recognized constellations.The cave of the wind or the underground labyrinth in Tenerife is another volcanic formation – one of the longest in the world.The island also has its own pyramid complex, called Guimar. This place has an inexplicable powerful energy, mystics and magicians from all over the planet are striving here. In Tenerife, the films Journey to the Center of the Earth, Earth Forgotten by Time, Million Years BC, and Clash of the Titans were shot.Tenerife inspired the Queen group back in 1971 to create the hit Tire your mother down.


On the Canary Islands, you can still meet the ancient flora, which has long time ago disappeared from mainland Europe.  A couple of weeks is not enough to see all these wonders of the island.And ahead – the sea, the sun, the beach, the water park, the penguinarium and the carnival! On the territory of Loro Park is one of the largest penguinariums in the world. The famous Santa Cruz Carnival is held from February to March. For lovers of active leisure, in El Medano you will find the best conditions for windsurfing. In the southern part of Tenerife is the most unusual water attraction in Europe – Siam Park, built in Thai style.  Lanzarote has the most unusual restaurant, El Diablo. The food in it is prepared directly above the vent of an active volcano, where the temperature reaches above 400 ° C. And finally, 9 of the 13 national parks in Spain are located in the Canary Islands. Want to see it all with your own eyes?Tenerife is waiting for you!

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