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Each and every time, Valencia amazes and surprises with its unique architectural details and stunning views, so keep your camcorder and your phones always ready.

Valencia is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Iberian Peninsula and was founded in 140 b.e. by Roman legionnaires. Today it is the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona and the former capital of Spain. The city held leading positions in the political and cultural life of the country during the reign of J. Bonaparte. Since 1996, Valencia has been a World Heritage Site.


WHAT ARE THE SECRETS OF THE CITY POPULARITY?Few people know that Valencia is the birthplace of the most popular Spanish dish – paella. Near the lake of Albufera locals have grown rice for many centuries.Another of the vibrant and breathtaking sights of Valencia is the architectural ensemble “City of Arts and Sciences” (La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias). Opened in 1998, the “City” has a large museum of science, a palace of arts and the largest L’Oceanogràfic oceanarium in Europe. Some facts about Valencia that many people do not know:


• Pele’s first European football match took place in Valencia, when the great Brazilian scored 4 goals in 1957.• Valencia is one of four European cities, known for its dangerous Formula 1 circuit.• Valencia is the best city for marathons, officially recognized by the international organization IAFF.• In Valencia there is one of the largest parks in Spain (Turia Gardens), located on the site of the former river of the same name.• Not all of the tourists know that the legendary Grail Cup is located in the Cathedral in Valencia.• Valencia is the leader in the number of beaches with “blue flags”, which indicates that the place of rest complies with high international environmental requirements.• Valencia is one of the cities of the Silk Road, where the silk exchange famous in Europe is located. Silk traditional clothing is greatly appreciated by the locals.• The largest street festival in Europe, the festival of fire Las Fallas takes place in Valencia and literally strikes with its scope and color. Colorful processions of huge figures, fireworks and traditional burning of compositions. This event is included in the UNESCO list as a World Heritage Site.• Every year, the pillow battle, which has become very popular, takes place in the city. Anyone who comes to the square with his own pillow will be able to take part in it. As soon as the signal to start the battle is heard, a fun game for adults and children will begin.


If you are planning your vacation with kids, then Valencia is an ideal place to relax with the whole family, because here you can visit:• A unique Biopark in which animals live free. A feature of this zoological park is that it is devoid of typical barriers between visitors and animals (cages, gates). This creates the feeling that you are in the immediate habitat of animals in the wild.• The largest Oceanarium in Europe, which is located in the city of Arts and Sciences. The area of ​​the aquarium is 110 thousand square meters. • One of the most wonderful free rides for children is Gulliver Park. It is made in the shape of Gulliver, washed ashore and tied by midgets, it allows children to climb over his huge body.

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